sleepless nights
painful joints
multi-compartment pill containers
decaf coffee

arms too short to read the newspaper
books with large print

giving up driver’s license
giving up home
giving up your vehicle

hearing aids

fear of falling
walking canes with flying buttresses
difficulty climbing the stairs
walkers with baskets and training wheels

forgetting the way home
forgetting to take your pills
forgetting your name

swallowing trouble
prayer shawl
big bibs
big underwear
stray facial hairs
nose and ear hairs
fat toenails

shrinking living quarters
shrinking body
shrinking bank account

children dispose of belongings
second childhood
early bedtimes



power of attorney
living will
living trust
DNR orders

in the meantime

workouts at the gym
family reunions
trips to the west
hiking the canyon

discount meals at restaurants
dinner with friends

shopping, writing classes
hobbies and volunteerism
grandparents’ day
senior coffee

red hats
tandem bikes
walks on the trail
good books

laminated golden age pass


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