about Irene

author of several self-published chapbooks which are a mix of poetry, prose, photos and original art work–  my current hobby list includes photography, knitting socks, writing and painting–  past list includes some obscure crafts like lamp shade construction, macrame, felting, card making, jewelry, and handmade paper

married for 45 years to the same good man who supports all my explorations into the world of creative expression– we have 4 grown children 16 grandchildren, a dog named Penny, and 9 grand-dogs.

still learning the technical aspects of setting up a blog–  hang in there with me as I progress up this steep learning curve



  1. I’m a music composition student in Philadelphia – I came across a piece of your poetry through 4and20poetry.com and I’d like your permission to set it for a small chamber ensemble. Is there a way I can contact you to discuss the piece?

    • You may contact me at fridsmai@sbcglobal.net Let me know to which poem you are referring. I would be interested in how this could all work together. regards, Irene.

  2. Irene- I give thanks for your many gifts which you share with others. I’m taking a CALL class on poetry so that perhaps I can understand it a bit more. What you write is beautiful; AND what you paint, and knit, and everything else. I’m honored to know you!

  3. Irene, it was a pleasure to meet you at the conference in Muncie! Blessings, Christa

  4. Love it!!

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