Posted by: Irene Fridsma | October 1, 2011

Maranatha Writing Conference

October Perfect

breeze cools
and refreshes

sun deposits
blush on cheeks

grass proclaims “Green”
before closing the season

leftover summer flowers
shout their last hurrah

migratory birds circle
in preparatory formations

October perfect

We had an opportunity to fill our hearts, share our ideas, and learn many new inspiring ways to improve out writing. I have neglected my blog for a while because sometimes life gets in the way. The tyranny of the urgent takes over and many things get set aside. I hope to be back on track in the next few months.

My writing has shifted to a novel that I am working on. Its title is White Orchid and is an amateur sleuth mystery.

I will have a poem included in a new brochure for our church. I’m excited they want to publish it. It is called the Birth of a Night Terror. More about that later.

The weather has been wonderful and I just got back from a soccer game with the grand-daughter. (they won!) The rest of the evening is mine to relax, watch the Tigers, and GVSU football from the comfort of my easy chair.

The reflection on the lake doubles the beauty I see out my window. I love October.


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