Posted by: Irene Fridsma | May 15, 2011

Above Everything Else

Above Everything (after David Ignatow)

I wished for death often
But now that I am at its door
I have changed my mind about the world.
It should go on; it is beautiful,
Even as a dream, filled with

color and paint dripping down my fingers
as the brush sliding across the canvas
brings my inner vision to life

it is filled with edges and softness and textures
that are worked to form vessels
from moist red clay drawn from the earth

it is the smell of hot apples
milled, separated from their seeds
turned into fresh sauce
that oozes into the bowl
to combine with sugar and cinnamon

it is the sound of small voices and whimpers
of babies
waiting for their baptism
interrupting the solemn event
to say this is all about me

it is the quiet spirit God grants
in troubling circumstances
that reassures me
I’m part of something eternal

— a beauty,
if I have ever seen one.
In the next world, should I remember
this one, I will praise it
above everything.

Irene Fridsma (2011)


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