Posted by: Irene Fridsma | March 5, 2011

Women Can Wait

Women Can Wait

women know how to wait
as the spark of life
grows in darkness until
that time when the brush
of tiny arms and legs
tickle inside her womb

women know how to wait
for the school bus
that swoops up her children
one ear tuned
to shifting gears and humming engines
signaling their return to her

women know how to wait
for reports from the doctor
concerning the health
of her husband or parent when
they are embark
on a fight for their life

women know how to wait their turn
even if it never comes
they wait with hope for a better day

women know how to wait
in lines
for rest rooms
for grocery check out
for kids to learn their lessons
for piano lessons, and sporting practices

women know how to wait
for water to boil
for meat to reach the perfect stage of doneness
for bread to rise

women know how to wait
knitting on hand to fill moments
a good book tucked in their purse
pen and paper to write down a phrase or
compose a poem or make a grocery list

will this new generation of girls
learn this skill as they speed
in their cars, texting as they drive
honking their horns
at anyone in their way



  1. […] them for.  I first saw this sock pattern being knitted by my dear friend and splendid artist, Irene.  Even though I’m most-often described as skinny (I, by the way, find this term as insulting […]

  2. I know, maybe as the girls mature into women they will acquire this quality. I am hopeful. Maybe that verse would be better at the beginning of the poem. Something for me to think about. Thanks for your comments.

  3. very nice, though the conclusion was rather sad and not the uplifiting feminist one i expected 😉 xx

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