Posted by: Irene Fridsma | January 11, 2011

More Casseroles

More Casseroles

we need more casseroles she thought
as she looked at the list of sick and mourning
in the church bulletin where

families thanked the faith community
for prayers, gifts, cards, kind words, and casseroles
given to feed their bodies and hearts

she knew some who wouldn’t warrant a gift
“you made your bed now lay in it”

unspoken pain
grief too bitter to expose
shame carried for another
sadness pressed heavy against her heart

a child far from the fold
runaway children and their families
families struggling with substance abuse
the broken

the lonely
the unemployed
those facing foreclosure

mental illness
families of alcoholics

grief for uncompleted pregnancy
those who fear being outed
spousal abuse victims

families of the incarcerated

fewer judgments
more casseroles



  1. Hi Irena,
    I just read your casserole poem. Very powerful. And political. I like where your heart goes. Nice to meet you and look at your very interesting blog!
    –Deborah DeNicola

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