Posted by: Irene Fridsma | November 23, 2010

Give Thanks

My Joys

to hear my husband turn the pages of the newspaper
to smell the oatmeal he prepares for me each morning

to hear music made by a child as she plays in her piano recital
to see the graduate cross the stage and receive his diploma
to see a soccer goal made by a grandchild

to observe the robin build her nest
sit faithfully for hours and days
tending, warming her eggs
devoted to the task

to watch the perennials
wake from their long slumber
break boldly through the soil
announce their strength
to grow another season

to see babies born healthy
cherished by their parents
comforted they are lonely or hungry

pilgrimage to places of beauty
Grand Canyon
Lake Tahoe
Maroon Bells
Peace River
Smoky Mountains
coastal highways
Banff to Jaspers
Denali when the cloud curtains open

to ride fast on my bike
feel the wind against my skin
ride twenty miles on the bike paths
to hike Lost Dog Trail

to know all my children and grandchildren
rest safely in their beds
to be at peace with my loved ones

to feel connected to another human being
to be appreciated for my uniqueness and peculiarities
to not feel lonely
in a crowd or when alone

to sleep undisturbed
wake in time for the sunrise

to know God hears all my prayers
answers each one


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