Posted by: Irene Fridsma | November 2, 2010

The Feast

Time hurries along and October is a delightful memory. We spent the month touring the National Parks in Idaho, Colorado and South Dakota. We slept more than half of the nights in our car where we watched a dome of stars above us, moonlight so bright you could read, the sounds of mysterious footfalls around our campsite, and bugling elk in the distance.

One of my favorite days was spent in 17 degree weather watching bear, wolves, an eagle, coyote, ravens, and magpies take their turns devouring a bison carcass. We stood with cameras ready to capture the feeding frenzy. I have some good photos and some blurry ones but I met some great folks who had equipment and expertise to record this event. Discovery channel videographers were there and photographers with telephoto lenses that showed the teeth of wolves more than 300 feet away in the shade.

I know there is a life lesson in what we observed. There is a pecking order about who eats first. There are certain animals that will eat together and others that insist on eating alone. There was growling and sparring and fighting for control of the food. There was power in working as a team. I’ll get back to these thoughts in the future.

Enjoy the photos and hope that you will return to the site as it goes through transitions.


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