Posted by: Irene Fridsma | September 10, 2010

Humble Messes

Humble Messes

the day is heading toward a hot one
mist is glued to the lake
pollution filled on this
ozone alert day.

the wetlands infraction
sentencing is scheduled for today
did we make an impact?
I won’t know until later

company coming this morning
my studio looks like a
bird was here scrambling
for nesting materials

oh, to find what I need
make order of my chaos
sometimes it is easy
sometimes it is impossible

I find a way through the scramble
sort, file, store pieces of the mess

once out of sight
I might never
find it again

lost letters have flown away
with that nesting bird
I’m sure she is the culprit

Lord help my troubled spirit
Bless my humble messes
Clear my jumbled mind
Refresh my aching body
Enliven my weary soul

trust and work
trust and rest


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